Success Stories

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Managing the internet departments of the largest Kia Auto Group in the USA is a hard job, but UpResponse has made this so simple. Quicker responses, create more replies and ultimately more sales, next to my staff and process, UpResponse is my best tool.

Greg IversonInternet Director
CarPros Auto Group

I am 100% convinced the person that responds to the customer first has the best chance of getting the sale. The Uperator system gives me confidence that every customer gets a fast, professional price quote every time. Plus with all the options this product delivers to our customers on the first response helps the customer make a well informed decision without having to go back and forth to get all their questions answered. I am real pleased with Uperator and would highly recommend this product.

Brad MuggCo-Owner / General Manager
Norm Reeves / The C.A.R Group

I want to take a moment and thank your team at Uperator. Competing for market share with 12 other stores in a small metro area makes competition fierce. Everyone is looking for the next big thing, and well I believe our dealership found it with Uperator. From start to finish, your team has been great. The seamless integration with my CRM makes it that much better. The initial setup was effortless, and to your team’s credit several tests were performed to ensure the Uperator program performed correctly. Since the initial setup, the support has been above and beyond our expectations with every question we have had. Our store went from selling 100 units per month and fighting for Top 10 placement in our region, to 180+ units per month and an all-out battle for the Top 3 positioning. Every week I learn about a new feature and with just a phone call your team assists me with setting up this feature to maximize its fullest potential for our store. Your support staff makes certain I know what I am doing so the product continues to be successful. The design of the E-Brochures is balanced, clean and contains the info we need in a message to make it informative and successful- providing a solution to a form of communication we were struggling to accomplish. Due to the number of products we’ve deployed with marginal success, we were skeptical and somewhat hesitant to use Uperator. However, from day one, I am glad we made the jump and will never look back. Thank you Carlos, and your entire team, for all you do. I look forward to years of success together!!

Joshua SmithInternet Sales Director
Kuhn Honda VW

Naturally, stopping the clock and making a great first impression is critical, but what we also love about Uperator is that it has freed up our internet managers from quoting customers, to calling customers. Since we started using Uperator, the number of phone calls and appointments created by our internet department has increased substantially and with that, our sales have increased. It works!

Mark Ranauro / Elise RanauroGeneral Manager / Internet Director and Owner Loyalty Manager
Connell Nissan, Costa Mesa, CA

I like that the new price template goes out in one email and has everything on one email.

Alicia SparksInternet Sales Manager
Team Nissan - Vineland, NJ

The DCH/Lithia Auto Group Honda Platform (Eastern Region) has been using Uperator since its inception, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The tools ease of use for our consumers and our employees was a big selling point for us. Quotes are sent out immediately in a consumer friendly format that is both interactive and precise. Support has been unparalleled as if the tool doesn’t have features you want, they have been accommodating in building them into the system. This is not just a price quoting tool! With its multi-functionality capabilities of sending customer custom emails or price re-quotes, it acts like a CRM!! I highly recommend Uperator and anticipate using the tool for years to come!

Tim HlavenkaRegional Marketing Director
DCH / Lithia Auto Group

We have been using the UpResponse system for several years now and could not be more pleased. The efficiency of the system and the ability to customize your account to your Dealerships specifications makes this system an asset to any Internet/BDC department. The CRM integration is seamless, the customer service is above par and the simplicity of use and ease of transition went beyond our expectations. This system will not only send your Internet customers a professional, customized quote it will also give the customer pricing options once the email quote is received. Uperator surpasses any quoting system I have used in the past and it will exceed your expectations from day one of installation.

Lori LimaInternet Manager
All American Ford