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5 Casino Secrets Noone Told You Before

Casino Secrets

Why are casinos keeping secrets from players? Casinos are considered a place for people to have fun, but they are businesses at the end of the day, and we are their customers. While casinos make sure that you have the best time of your life, they also need to keep making profits from you. There are ways how casinos always stay in profits. You need to be smart to understand their methods and make sure that you control your money and time. Here are the secrets that casinos do not want you to know.

House edge has a role

Most people do not bother to learn about the house edge. The house edge determines how soon you can lose all your money in a casino game if you play it non-stop. The higher the house edge, the sooner you will lose all your money to the casino. Blackjack can offer the lowest house edge, while slots and keno are known for the highest house edge.

Dealers can be sloppy

Casino Secrets

No casino would want a dealer to make mistakes during the games. However, the dealers are also humans and can make mistakes. Pros explore the gaming tables to find sloppy dealers and then play at their tables to improve their chances of winning. A sloppy dealer can flashcards and increase your winning odds by 6-9% in some games.

Card counting is not a crime

The casinos can give you a hard time by asking you to leave the game or the casino itself if you are caught counting cards. But, they cannot charge you for any crime as card counting is not illegal. If you can count cards without needing a tool or a pen, you can use your skill to win the game legally. It is even easier in online blackjack games. The most a casino can do for card counting is ban you forever for it.

Casino Secrets

Security is always watching

You may feel that you are alone in the gloomy and dim environment of the casino where you can do anything you want, but they are always watching. Casinos have one of the best securities in any industry. They have cameras in every corner of the casino except for the restrooms. While the casino staff is friendly and hospitable, the security is equally strict and serious about their rules. If you are caught in any kind of activity that the security does not permit, you may get asked to leave.

Take advantage of the newbies

Casino Secrets

You may not know about a casino if you are visiting it for the first time, but many locals and professionals will. The movie ‘Rounders’ explains well how the pros use their skills to trap newbies into losing money. If you are the one with the least experience at a table, you are putting yourself at a major risk. They may also know the dealer at the game. You should always look for a table where players aren’t sure of what to do, so you can start a safe career.

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